About Me

I'm an IT specialist since 1998.
Since 2001, I'm an IT freelance consultant, founder of Dot Consulting scrl.
I focus on new technologies and mainly all microsoft .net technologies!
From senior developer to technical architect role, I always bring my best to serve the client objectives.
My main concerns: code quality, performance and in-time delivery

MY Experience

Application Architect

04/2019 -

Application Architect .net core 3.1, Azure, Azure Devops

.Net Dev Team Leader - Scrum master - Application architect

11/2016 - 02/2019

Join the back-office development team as the new .net dev team leader. Participate in the creation of the new application architecture landscape on the NTBO program.

Senior .Net Developer

01/2015 - 09/2016
TUC Rail

Join the IT developers team of TUC Rail. Take part in the maintenance and development of a set of applications bringing my .net experience.

expert .net developer- technical support


-Taking part in the development team of a huge project to deliver a new communication platform for all the clients of Euroclear
-Development of a scalable infrastructure for automatic report generation and distribution.
-Support for the offshoring team. Code review. Performance and stability improvement. Development of an automation tool to execute test scenarios (“regression pack”) Implementation of a testing strategy based on a “parallel system” to inject production business in real-time into the new system.

senior .net web developer


Development of the public website for the “VOD” catalog

senior developer


-Management and deployment of test environments in a production-like way for project-wide testing
-Design guidelines and parallel test environments configuration
-BankLoan Project: Redesign and implementation of an existing .Net application to meet technical and business requirements. Implementation of new features.
-Evis Project: Technical and code review of applications produced by Indian offshore provider.
-EPP.net: Rewrite of an existing web application. Migration of COMTI to HIS 2006

.net architect


OHM Project (Out-of-Home Media): Development of a service oriented architecture based on the new WCF standard. Implementation of a WCF service to bridge the system with an external web service client.

.net architect


Technical architect position: Put in place a technical architecture and give support for the development of the new set of Keyware’s applications. Develop technical frameworks

senior .net developer

Atlas Copco

Air Expert: New application to give a world wide access to the employees of Atlas Copco to the different internal applications of calculation for compressors
ATR: Take part in the team for the development of the new ATR application. It’s a project to manage all the datasheets of the products (compressors, dryers, etc…) of AtlasCopco

senior .net developer


HRAccent is an application to manage all HR activities of a company. It’s a distributed architecture that can be hosted by Securex or internally hosted by the client. I did the Business analysis, technical design and implementation of the Job/competence/evaluation module

Senior .net developer


I was recruited to the team responsible for the crucial redesign and redevelop of the RiVET application to incorporate major improvements in functionality, performance, efficiency and usability. RiVET has been developed for the European Commission to provide a feature rich and secure environment to facilitate the evaluation of proposals submitted for funding within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) of the European Community. The FP6 is a framework for funding scientific research within the EU with the objective of stimulating world-class research and to create an internal market for science and technology research. The RiVET application will be used by geographically dispersed independent experts who undertake peer review of proposals for funding and by staff of the European Commission to manage and monitor the assessment process.
- Solving cross-browser problems.
- Reporting: Development of a “contrab” like scheduler for the generation of Crystal Reports. Development of a generic transport channel to deliver reports to various types of media like e-mail, shared folder, etc…
- Implementation of logging engine for business components to be able to trace user actions. Done with “custom attributes”
- Implementation of a transaction framework through Aspect Oriented Programming with custom attributes
- Implementation of the final evaluation process steps in RiVET

.net developer

Siemens SBS

Development of a web application for the core business of a mutual insurance company

.net developer

Sony ITE

-Training and workshops: Technical support for the other development teams. Preparation of Workshops and trainings regarding .NET, error handling, remoting, smart client, c#
-Analysis and implementation of a new technical architecture and its frameworks on the New Microsoft .NET platform (C#, .NET Remoting, Web Services, ASP.NET). Writing of development guidelines. Development of technical frameworks (C#, C++)
-Rewrite of a distributed business application that manage proposals of orders made by Sony sales companies to client (.NET, C#, Smart Client, Remoting)
-Graphical reporting to manager desktop

Senior DNA Developer

Assurances Fédérales

Management of Insurance and Sinister Contracts
- Take part in the architecture team as a Microsoft products specialist Analysis of Biztalk Server 2000 regarding a communication project. Definition of guidelines for the development, the infrastructure and the deployment of Biztalk applications
- Development of a set of frameworks for the new development infrastructure based on the Microsoft technologies.
- Development of an asp framework for multi-language web applications
- Coaching and Development for the first new intranet application that allows the management of insurance and sinister contracts.
- Interaction with Cobol routines on a Unisys 2200

Microsoft DNA Developer


Participated in many projects:
-Y2K project: Code review of client/server applications developed in NSDK (Nat System) and Visual Age Small Talk.
-Intranet publication system: Implementation of a publication system on the intranet with Site Server 3.0 (IIS4, ASP, JavaScript, Site Server 3.0)
-Development of an infrastructure to encrypt and publish sensitive documents on the Internet web site of Euroclear (IIS4, VB, COM, MTS, ASP, JavaScript).
-CRM: Maintenance, support and development of a Vantive 7 application (AIX-Sybase)
-Euroclear Banking Project: Development of an application to rate through quality analysis and quantity analysis, the balance sheets of Euroclear's clients. (MS-Access 97, SQL Server 7, ASP)
-Euroclear Online - TAT2
Study of the integration into the production of the new Euroclear Application System Provider (Euroclear Online) that gives 3 different channels of communication: Web, Queuing and File Transfer. Tackled concepts: Archiving, restore, contingency, business continuity, restartability, monitoring, technical intervention, fail-over, …
-Triparty project: Triweb application rewrite
-Fax monitor: Writing of a NT service to monitor fax transmission reports

MS Access Development


Development (in MS Access 97) of an invoicing application with links to an accountancy system

Student job

July 1998 - 1 month

Working for EGT Belgium, I participated in the development of a VB 5 form application to visually analyse Cobol OO traces generated on an IBM mainframe